Names of British officers wounded at the Battle of Trafalgar

Officers wounded at the Battle of Trafalgar
Chrono date: 
1805 Oct 21

Name                          Rank                Ship

ADAMSON William               Boatswain           Colossus
ALLEN William                 Capt's Clerk        Tonnant
BAILEY John P                 Mid                 Africa
BANT Thomas                   Mid                 Bellerophon
BASHFORD James                Lieut               Royal Sovereign
BELLAIRS Henry                Mid                 Spartiate
BENSON John                   Lieut RM            Colossus
BERRY John                    Lieut               Revenge
BLACK James                   Lieut               Mars
BLIGH George Miller           Lieut               Victory
BRAY Josias                   Lieut               Achille
BROKENSHAW Luke               Master              Revenge
BROOKS John                   Boatswain           Temeraire
BROWNE Robert                 Master's Mate       Defiance
BULKELEY Richard              Mid                 Victory
BULLEY George                 Lieut               Colossus
CABLE Charles P               Mid                 Orion
CAMPBELL John                 Mid                 Royal Sovereign
CHAPMAN Edmund Andrew         Mid                 Defiance
CLARKE John                   Boatswain           Spartiate
CLAVELL John                  Lieut               Royal Sovereign
COOK Thomas                   Master              Mars
COOK William John             Mid                 Mars
CUTFIELD William              Master's Mate       Belleisle
DENTON George                 Mid                 Colossus
DURHAM Philip Charles         Captain             Defiance
EASTMAN John                  Mid                 Temeraire
ELMHURST Philip James         Mid                 Africa
FARRANT John                  Mid                 Royal Sovereign
FERRIE William                Lieut               Belleisle
FORSTER William           Actg Lieut              Colossus
GALLOWAY Alexander            Mid                 Thunderer
GARRETT Edward William        Lieut               Mars
GEOGHEHAN George       Agent Victualler Clerk     Victory
GIBSON Andrew                 Boatswain           Belleisle
GRINT William                 Mid                 Britannia
GUERIN George                 Mid                 Mars
HANDCOCK Alexander Bell       Mid                 Swiftsure
HARTLEY Edward                Master's Mate       Bellerophon
HAY Matthew                   Actg Lieut          Africa
HERRINGHAM William Allan      Mid                 Colossus
HODGE J.T.                    1st Cl Vol.         Belleisle
HODGE John                    Mid                 Defiance
HURRELL Richard               Capt's Clerk        Neptune
JAGO Samuel                   Mid                 Belleisle
JENKINS John                  Mid                 Mars
JEWELL William Nunn           Mid                 Bellerophon
KENNICOTT Gilbert             Mid                 Royal Sovereign
KNAPMAN Edward                Mid                 Spartiate
LEDDON William                Lieut RM            Achille
LELY Peter                    Capt RM             Revenge
LITTLE Richard                Boatswain           Tonnant
LLOYD James                   Lieut               Dreadnought
LUCKCRAFT Alfred              Mid                 Mars
Le VESCONTE James         2nd Lieut RM            Royal Sovereign
MACLEAN Rawdon                Mid                 Colossus
MENDEL Philip               Lieut Imp Russ Navy   Conqueror
MILBANKS Henry                Master's Mate       Colossus
MOORSOM Robert                Captain             Revenge
MORRIS James Nicoll           Captain             Colossus
MOULD James                   Lieut               Temeraire
McCULLOCH Andrew              Mid                 Dreadnought
NORMAN Thomas                 Capt RM             Mars
OWEN John                     Lieut RM            Belleisle
PASCO John                    Lieut               Victory
PAYNE Samuel J                Lieut               Temeraire
PEAKE James G                 Lieut RM            Victory
PEARSON George                Mid                 Bellerophon
PEARSON William Henry         Master's Mate       Belleisle
PEGGE George                  Master's Mate       Achille
PRICE Francis Swain           Master's Mate       Temeraire
PRYNN Parkins                 Lieut               Achille
READY Henry                   Master's Mate       Tonnant
REECE Thomas G                Mid                 Colossus
REEVES Lewis Buckle           Lieut RM            Victory
RENOU Timothy                 Mid                 Colossus
RIVERS William                Mid                 Victory
ROBINSON James                Boatswain           Minotaur
ROBINSON Thomas               Boatswain           Bellerophon
SABBEN James                  Mid                 Dreadnought
SMITH John Samuel             Mid                 Minotaur
SNELL John Coxetter           Master's Mate       Thunderer
SNELLGROVE Henry              Mid                 Colossus
SNOW William J                Mid                 Achille
SPRATT James                  Master's Mate       Defiance
STAINES William H             Mid                 Achille
STONE James                   Mid                 Bellerophon
TAUSE Charles                 Mid                 Orion
THISTLEWAYTE Frederick        Mid                 Colossus
THOMPSON Granville            Mid                 Royal Sovereign
TROUNCE Stephen               Master              Britannia
TURNER Abraham                Master's Mate       Africa
TYLER Charles                 Captain             Tonnant
TYNMORE James                 Capt RM             Africa
WARREN William Smith       1st Cl Vol.            Achille
WATSON J.W.                   Mid                 Leviathan
WATSON William                Master's Mate       Royal Sovereign
WEARING Thomas                Lieut RM            Conqueror
WEMYSS James                  Capt RM             Bellerophon
WEST Henry                    Master's Mate       Africa
WESTPHAL George Augustus      Mid                 Victory
WESTROPP Palmes               Capt RM             Achille
WHARRIE George                Mid                 Colossus
WHITE Frederick               Mid                 Africa
WILKINSON Isaac               Boatswain           Royal Sovereign
YOUNG John                    Mid                 Mars

The above data has been extracted from "The Royal Navy - A History"
by Sir William Laird CLOWES.- Volume 5 pages 157-160.

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