Life on board HM Ships at Christmas: 1915 vs. 2015

Chief Petty Officer Clinton Hume is exploring the connections between Christmas on board warships 100 years apart

From hammocks to bunk beds, letters to e-mails, one Royal Navy sailor compares Christmas at sea 100 years apart

Sailors on board HMS St Albans will be away from their loved ones this Christmas but fortunately for them it will be a much more comfortable experience than it was for their forebears.

Next year marks 100 years since the Battle of Jutland, one of the most significant naval engagements of the First World War, and the anniversary is being marked with a major commemorative event in May.

Early completion of carrier crew accommodation is celebrated

Carrier crew member ABWS Elise Broughton. Crown Copyright. Photo: POA(Phot) Owen Cooban. All rights reserved

New modular accommodation to house sailors working on the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier has been completed by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO).

A total of 302 cabins are now ready to be occupied by service personnel based at Rosyth.

Entry and Training (Officers)

Officer training in the Royal Navy 1914

UP till 1902 all naval and marine officers had been entered in the three definite and distinctive branches of the service : Executive, Engineers, Marines. The future Executive Officers, entered as Cadets at from 13 to 15 years of age, were sent direct to the Britannia at Dartmouth, where they underwent their schooling and early training preparatory to being sent to sea.