Entry and Training (Officers)

Officer training in the Royal Navy 1914

UP till 1902 all naval and marine officers had been entered in the three definite and distinctive branches of the service : Executive, Engineers, Marines. The future Executive Officers, entered as Cadets at from 13 to 15 years of age, were sent direct to the Britannia at Dartmouth, where they underwent their schooling and early training preparatory to being sent to sea. Read more about Entry and Training (Officers)

The Ship's Company

The Ship's Company 1914, Royal Navy

MANY people express surprise that a modern ship of war, with its comparatively small number of guns and the very latest mechanical appliances for the superseding of manual labour, should carry such an enormous number of hands anything from 750 to 1000. Further, that the more perfect they get from the machine point of view the more hands do they carry. This rapidly growing increase in the number of men carried is one of the great problems the Admiralty have to solve, and were in the process of doing so when the war broke out. The difficulty is connected with the engine-room and speed. Read more about The Ship's Company


Warship Profile

History of the Royal Navy
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