Warships and submarines of the Royal Navy.

HMS Fearless laid down

HMS Fearless at anchor




1940 Jul 3. Taking part in Operation Catepult, the attack on the French Fleet at Mers-el-Kebir.

1940 Jul 8. Escort duty on Force H.

1940 Aug 2. Returning to UK, Collision with trawler Flying Wing.

1940 Oct 11. Operational duty.

1940 Oct 30. Collision with SS Lanark at Greenock, Scotland. Read more about HMS Fearless laid down

H.M.S. Pylades, The Last of Her Class


Prominent among the naval patrols that England sends to police the southern seas and guard the island fringes of the Empire, making the while their headquarters in Port Jackson, is the HMS Pylades, now on another cruise among the British possessions and protectorates in Oceania. Peculiar interest attaches to this vessel, because she is absolutely the last of the barque-rigged craft, of which the British Navy once possessed so many. Read more about H.M.S. Pylades, The Last of Her Class


Warship Profile

HMS Gypsy at sea HMS Gypsy1934 Sep 05
HMS Leander, Leander class frigate at sea HMS Leander laid down1959 Apr 10
HMS King Edward VII in early 1907, Royal Navy HMS King Edward VII laid down1902 Mar 08
HMS Zealous laid down1943 May 05
HMS Forth at Msida Creek, Malta HMS Forth1937 Jun 30
History of the Royal Navy
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