Battle of Cape St. Vincent (1780)

Rodney's Fleet Taking in Prizes After the Moonlight Battle, 16 January 1780, by Dominic Serres

History of HMS Victory, Battle of Cape St. Vincent – Part Seven

... as the united French and Spanish fleets amounted to 38 ships of the line, while Sir John, who was at Martello Bay, had but 15. It was ... England, when his force consisted of the following line-of-battle ships, with which he cruised, awaiting news of the enemy. 110 ...

The chase continued into the dark, squally night, leading to it later being known as the "Moonlight Battle", since it was uncommon at the time for naval battles to continue after sunset.At 7:30 pm, HMS Defence came upon Lángara's flagship Fenix, engaging her in a battle lasting over an hour. She was broadsided in passing by HMS Montagu and HMS Prince George, and Lángara was wounded in the battle. Fenix finally surrendered to HMS Bienfaisant, which arrived late in the battle and shot away her mainmast...

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