HMS Warspite entering Malta's Grand Harbour

HMS Warspite entering Malta's Grand Harbour

HMS Warspite (1912) Profile

Battle of Jutland

HMS Bruiser's Mediterranean Commission 1943 - 1945

Other warships of the name:

  1. HMS Warspite (1807)

    Warship type:  Third Rate Warship class:  74 gun Launched Date:  1807 Nov 16 Laid down:  1805 Dec 03 Builder:  Chatham Dockyard Fate:  Burnt, 3...

  2. HMS Warspite (1758)

    Battle Honours:  Harbour service from 1778 Warship type:  Ship-of-the-line Warship class:  Dublin class Launched Date:  1758 Apr 08 Laid down:  1758 Apr 08 ...

  3. HMS Warspite (1666)

    Warship type:  Third Rate Warship class:  70 guns Launched Date:  1666 Dec 31 Laid down:  1666 Dec 31 Builder:  Johnson, Blackwall Yard Fate:  ...

  4. HMS Warspite (1884)

    Warship type:  Armoured cruiser Warship class:  Imperieuse class Launched Date:  1884 Jan 29 Laid down:  1881 Oct 25 Commissioned:  1886 Builder:  ...

  5. HMS Warspite (1912)

    Pennant No:  03 Warship type:  Battleship Warship class:  Queen Elizabeth Class Launched Date:  1913 Nov 26 Laid down:  1912 Oct 31 ...

Earning the most battle honours ever awarded to an individual ship in the Royal Navy and the most awarded for actions during the Second World War. For this and other reasons Warspite gained the nickname the "Grand Old Lady" after a comment made by Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham in 1943 while she was his flagship.

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