dan buoy, davit, dead marine, dhobey, dhobey man, driver, dusty boy, dusty, etc...

Jack Dusty

Nickname for a junior member of the victualling staff, also known as Dusty-boy.

Dead Marine

Empty bottle, normaly a beer bottle. The expression is said to have been used by King William IV in the presence of some Royal Marine officers to whom he hurriedly explained that he meant that, like a Royal Marine, having done a job of work, the bottle was ready to do another.


Laundry or Washing - both the firm who does the work and the materials which are washed

Dhobey man

Laundry or washing man. Ordianrily a Chinese crewman onboard to carryout laundry.


a large sail suspended to the mizen gaff: called also spanker.


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