F.A.A., fanny, fathom, fend, fetch, fill, flannel,  fleet, flooks, flotilla, fluke, forging ahead, fore-and-aft, founder, furl, etc...

First Sea Lord

First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff

The First Sea Lord is the professional head of the Royal Navy and a member of the Defence Council. He is responsible to Secretary of State for the fighting effectiveness, efficiency and morale of the Naval Service.


Fend a boat or ship to prevent her striking against an object


Fleet Air Arm. The air wing of the Royal Navy. Formed in 1923 as part of the Royal Air Force and transfered over to the Royal Navy in 1939.


I mess tin or cooking pot. Named after the murdered nine year old girl Sweet Fanny Adams. Her body was cut into pieces by the murderer during the same time mutton was introduced into the navy as tinned mutton. The tins was used as pots.


A nautical measure of six feet. It came from the idea that the out-streched arms from middle finger to middle finger was six feet.


to wrap or roll a sail close to the yard, stay, or mast to which it belongs, and wind a gasket or cord about it to fasten it thereto.


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