ship the tiller, slipping the cable, spicing, spring, spring a mast, squadron, stand on, starboard, stay, steer, etc...

Slipping the cable

unsplicing it within, a buoy and buoy-rope having been previously affixed to it, to show where the ship has left her anchor.


to anchor with a, is, before letting go the anchor, to cause a smaller cable or hawser to be passed out of a stern or quarter port, and taken outside of the ship forward, in order to be bent or fastened to the ring of the anchor intended to be let go, for the purpose of bringing the ship's broadside to bear in any given direction.

Thrum a sail

is to insert in it, through small holes made by a bolt-rope-needle, or a marline-spike, a number of short pieces of rope-yarn or spun-yarn, in order, by the sail's being drawn over a hole in the ship's bottom, to assist in stopping the leak.


to manage a ship by the movement of the helm.


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