Wreck of the commerce raider Emden aground on North Keeling island.

Interdiction of enemy trade has always been the great weapon of sea power; and hence, though mines, submarines, and the menace of the High Seas Fleet itself made a close blockade of the German coast impossible, Great Britain in the World War steadily extended her efforts to cut off Germany's intercourse with the overseas world. Germany, on the other hand, while unwilling or unable to take the risks of a contest for surface control of the sea, waged cruiser warfare on British and Allied commerce, first by surface vessels, and, when these were destroyed, by submarines.


Battle of Jutland, by B. F. Gribble RBC SMA was a prolific British marine artist and illustrator.

The Russo-Japanese war greatly weakened Russia's position in Europe, and left the Dual Alliance of France and Russia overweighted by the military strength of the Teutonic Empires, Germany and Austria, whether or not Italy should adhere to the Triple Alliance with these nations. To Great Britain, such a disturbance of the European balance was ever a matter of grave concern, and an abandonment of her policy of isolation was in this instance virtually forced upon her by Germany's rivalry in her own special sphere of commerce and sea power.

Ambassador Brenton and King Albert II at HMS Vindictive ceremony

HMS Vindictive Memorial at Ostend, Belgium, Royal Navy

The memorial of HMS Vindictive was relocated to Ostend in the presence of Belgian King Albert II and Ambassador Brenton.

The City of Ostend has relocated a highly esteemed memorial, the bow of Her Majesty’s Ship (HMS) Vindictive during a ceremony attended by Belgian King Albert II and his wife, Queen Paola.

Royal Navy’s Merlin Mk2 Fleet Fully Operational

Lockheed Martin UK delivered the first five of the upgraded helicopters to the Royal Navy

The £807m upgrade of the Royal Navy’s Merlin Mk2 helicopters is nearing completion with the fleet being declared fully operational by the Ministry of Defence (MOD

Lockheed Martin UK has now delivered 24 of the 30 airframes that were to be upgraded as part of the Merlin Capability Sustainment Programme and the programme has been delivered ahead of time and on budget.