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Captain Tobias Furneaux (21 August 1735 – 18 September 1781) was an English navigator, accompanied James Cook on his second voyage of exploration.

Captain Tobias Furneaux (21 August 1735 – 18 September 1781)

FURNEAUX, TOBIAS (1735-1781), English navigator, was born at Swilly near Plymouth on the 21st of August 1735. He entered the royal navy, and was employed on the French and African coasts and in the West Indies during the latter part of the Seven Years’ War (1760-1763). He served as second lieutenant of the “Dolphin” under Captain Samuel Wallis on the latter’s voyage round the globe (August 1766-May 1768); was made a commander in November 1771; and commanded the “Adventure” which accompanied Captain Cook (in the “Resolution”) in Cook’s second voyage.

Royal Navy Submarine Service

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The Royal Navy Submarine Service is sometimes known as the "Silent Service", on account of a submarine being required to operate quietly in order to remain undetected by enemy sonar. The service currently consists of seven fleet submarines (SSNs), of the Trafalgar and Astuteclasses, and four ballistic missile submarines (SSBN), of the Vanguard class. It also operates the LR5 Submarine Rescue System. All the Royal Navy's submarines are now nuclear powered.