Tom Keating - Painter & Forgerer

Thomas Patrick Keating (March 1, 1917 – February 12, 1984)

Thomas Patrick Keating (March 1, 1917 – February 12, 1984) was an art restorer and famous art forger who claimed to have faked more than 2,000 paintings by over 100 different artists.

Tom Keating served in the Royal Navy during World War Two aboard HM ships as a Stoker. His autobiography gives a small glimpse into his world during this time.


1917 - 1984

Warship Profile

HMS Forth at Msida Creek, Malta HMS Forth1937 Jun 30
HMS Aurora, Leander class frigate HMS Aurora laid down1961 Jun 01
HMS Zest laid down1942 Jul 21
HMS Myngs at sea during RAS circa 1944 HMS Myngs laid down1942 May 27
HMS Cressy, part of thelive bait Squadron, that patrolled the Broad Fourteens in 1914 HMS Cressy laid down1898 Oct 12
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