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Eleven Centuries of the Royal Navy

Warships of fame

Warship name Date Fame
Mary Rose 1512 - 1545 Henry VIII Flagship, sank, raised 1980's.
Golden Hinde 1577 Sir Francis Drake ship, circumnavigation.
HMS Victory 1778 Admiral Horatio Nelson's flagship, Battle of Trafalgar
HMS Bounty 1787 Mutiny on the Bounty, Fletcher Christian and Capt William Bligh
HMS Dreadnought 1906 First in the dreadnought class battleships and revolutionised naval power
HMS Warspite 1915 Earned the most battle honours ever awarded. The ship that never died.
HMS Royal Oak 1916 First Battleship sank with heavy loss of life during World War Two
HMS Hood 1920 Sank with almost all crew by the Bismark during World War Two
HMS Ajax 1939 Battle of the River Plate, Battle of Malta, Battle of Crete
HMS Bronnington 1958 HH Prince Charles first command
HMS Sheffield 1975 First warship hit and later sank during the Falklands War
HMS Ark Royal 1976 TV documentary series on the aircraft carriers deployment to the Americas

Warship museums

Ship name Date Type and class
Mary Rose 1512 - 1545 Carrick warship
HMS Victory 1778 - Battleship of the line
HMS Trincomalee 1817 - Frigate, Leda-class
HMS Unicorn 1824 Frigate, Leda class
HMS Warrior 1861 - 1883 Frigate, Warrior-class armoured
HMS Gannet 1879 - Sloop, Doterel-class screw composite
RRS Discovery 1901 Royal Research Ship (RRS)
HMS Caroline 1914 - 2011 Cruiser, C class light cruiser
HMS M 33 1915 - Monitor, M29 class
HM CMB 4 1916 - 1919 Coastal Motor Boat (CMB)
HMS Belfast 1939 - 1963 Light Cruiser, Town-class
HMS Cavalier 1944 -1972 Destroyer, C class
HMS LCT (3) 7074 1948 Landing Craft Tank, Mark 3, (LCT (3))
HMY Britannia 1954 - 1997 Royal Yacht
HMS Bronington 1958 - 1988 Minesweeper, Ton class
HMS Plymouth 1961 - 1988 Frigate, Rothesay-class
HMS Wilton 1973 - 1994 Minesweeper, Ton class

Warship replicas

Warship replica name Date Type and class
Golden Hinde (1973) 1577 English galleon
HMS Nonsuch 1650 Sailing Ketch
Grand Turk, √Čtoile du Roy, (1996) 1741 Frigate, sixth-rate
HM Bark Endeavour (1988) 1768 Sailing bark
HMS Sultana 1768 Sailing schooner
HM Bark Endeavour (----) 1768 Sailing bark (steel hulled, UK)
HM Bark Endeavour (1969) 1768 Sailing bark 1/5 scale
HM Armed Vessel Bounty (1979) 1787 Collier, Armed Vessel
HMS Lady Nelson (1986) 1798 Sailing brig
HMS Lady Nelson (1988) 1798 Sailing brig
HMS Pickle 1802 Topsail schooner

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