Prominent among the naval patrols that England sends to police the southern seas and guard the island fringes of the Empire, making the while their headquarters in Port Jackson, is the HMS Pylades, now on another cruise among the British possessions and protectorates in Oceania.

Ministry of Defence (MOD) sign

The MOD and its French counterpart have committed more than £17m to design a new system to improve how the Royal Navy tackles underwater mines.

A contract has been signed today by the international organisation OCCAR on behalf of the MOD and France’s Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA), with a Thales–led consortium that includes BAE Systems.

RFA Argus has been honoured by the Defence Secretary as she heads back to the UK after supporting the fight against Ebola.

BAE Systems welcomes an announcement by Prime Minister David Cameron confirming the UK Government’s continued commitment to sustaining national sovereign capability to deliver complex warships to the Royal Navy.

The UK’s submarine industry will benefit from £285 million of investment to continue design work for the Royal Navy’s next generation of nuclear deterrent submarines.

After a 32-year career, the last of the Royal Navy's Invincible Class aircraft carriers decommissions in Portsmouth.

Warship Profile

"Intense human who have been burnt, to see survivors dragged along coughing up their lungs from bunker fuel oil, to see survivors in broken lifeboats. These are the dimensions of war, Which are Bitter, which are terrifying, which are morally impugnant, War is a nasty business. War is about suffering War is about violance." ~ Michael Hadly, Historian.

History of the Royal Navy
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